Zack Mayo
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Zack Mayo

An Officer and a Gentleman

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About Him

Grew Up… with his drunk father, who drove Zack’s mother to suicide when he was just a boy. The two of them lived in the Philippines for years after the Navy stationed his father there. 

Visiting... the Aviation Officer Candidate School for 13 weeks. The prize upon graduation is flight instruction, worth an estimated one million dollars. Foley, the drill instructor, has warned the candidates that training is almost insurmountable and that over half of them will fail. Zack has done more push-ups, wall climbing, swimming laps and rifle drills than he ever thought possible.  

Interests... riding his motorcycle and girls. Zack has gone out with some of the other candidates to meet the local girls who come across the ferry. Foley warned them that these the local women are out for only one thing: to marry a Naval aviator. But Paula, the girl he meets, seems different – she has supported him through everything.

Relationship Status... single, but very intrigued with Paula. Zach has spent his whole life unwilling to commit. It's hard for him to get close to anyone. Even Paula, whom he likes a lot.

Challenge... surviving his drill instructor to graduate Officer School. Foley is doing everything to force Zack to D.O.R. (drop on request) from the program. But Zack won't quit. As he tearfully says, "I got nowhere else to go. I got nothin' else."

Personality... self-involved and arrogant. But he's honest, and never pretends to be someone he isn’t. He's also a loyal friend. He still has some rough edges to work off, but he has the potential to be something great. Just ask him.

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