The Future Diary

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... fairly normal. Yukiteru’s lack of friends and divorced parents did make his childhood more lonely than most. But his mother is supporting, and if he had wanted to make friends, he has plenty of classmates willing to fill the role.
Living... constantly on his phone – or at least, that’s how the rest of the world sees it. Yukiteru lives with his mother, but due to her frequent absences, he's frequently on his own and spends nearly all his time recording his day-to-day observations on his cell phone diary instead of making friends.

Visiting... the abode of Deus Ex Machina, “the king of time and space." Yukiteru thought Deus was just an imaginary friend of his, until his dreams are revealed as reality when Deus grants his previously mundane diary the power to tell the future. It's a handy skill, but Deus has darker designs for Yukiteru, and before he knows it, he's part of a last-man-standing “survival game” with the other Future Diary holders to determine Deus's successor.

Profession... student. Unfortunately, he’s not an exceptionally good one. Yukiteru takes his hobby of recording the world around him far more seriously than his studies, claiming to have “no dreams” and “no purpose” except being an observer.

Interests... throwing darts. In fact, the very first thing that Yuki’s diary predicted was that he would hit a difficult “double bull’s eye." It's a talent that could prove useful in Deus's game, but Yuki has no desire to turn his skills to murder.

Relationship Status... alone. Yukiteru claims to be “comfortable” being alone, but this comfort zone quickly collapses when Gasai Yuno introduces herself to him as another participant in the Deus's game – by revealing that she's been recording all his actions in what is now her “Future Diary of Love." “Yuki,” as Yuno sweetly calls him, is not at all happy about having a stalker, but at least she isn’t trying to kill him.

Challenge... surviving. While Yukiteru has no real desire to become the king of time and space, only the last Future Diary holder standing gets the throne, so the ten diary holders other than himself and Yuno are all potentially after his life.

Personality... shy, introverted, and content to let the world be. Even before keeping his diary, Yukiteru has “always been an observer,” preferring to watch life go by instead of participating in it. Unfortunately, Yukiteru's passivity could be lethal.



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