Yu Shu Lien
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Yu Shu Lien

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

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Overview… an accomplished businesswoman and warrior. Shu Lien seems to lead a life of independence– much to the envy of Jiao Long, an aristocrat’s daughter who feels trapped by the prospect of arranged marriage. But Shu Lien harbors deep affection for fellow warrior Li Mu Bai, but she cannot act on her passions out of respect for her deceased fiancé. She often feels unfulfilled as a result. When Jiao Long steals the precious Green Destiny, Mu Bai’s highly valuable sword, Shu Lien must help him by coaxing the petulant young warrior into relinquishing it.

Personality… dutiful and composed. Shu Lien fulfills her many obligations with grace, regardless of her discontent. She runs her father’s business, avoids a romantic relationship with Mu Bai despite them having mutual feelings for one another, and protects the Green Destiny. But Jiao Long’s insolence and refusal to give up the sword might finally cause Shu Lien to lose her temper.

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