Jimmy Shive-Overly
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Jimmy Shive-Overly

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About Him

Living… in a nice house in the trendy Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. It’s unclear how Jimmy is able to afford his apartment and his BMW, since he is, shall we say, “lightly employed” and is letting his friend Edgar live with him for free.  

Profession a struggling writer. His only published novel isn’t doing so hot, and now he’s also suffering from writer’s block. Most days, Jimmy can be found stewing in melancholy over his brief success or staring at a blank Word document. Occasionally, he gets royalty checks worth less than a pack of his cigarettes.  

Interests… writing, drinking, and heckling authors he is jealous of. Jimmy enjoys writing lists of insults and reading them at book signings. He thinks his heckles are serious burns, but let’s just say that victims need not apply ice.  

Relationship Status… it’s complicated. After his previous relationship ended in flames, Jimmy thinks all relationships are doomed. To make matters worse, his ex-girlfriend invited him to her wedding to rub her happiness in his face. The only good thing to come out of this entire mishap is meeting Gretchen, someone who seems just as terrible and unconventional as him.  

Challenge… getting his life together and navigating this new hookup/friendship/dare we say “relationship” with Gretchen. Whatever it is, it’s not exactly what either of them initially wanted, which was no-strings-attached fun.  

Personality… narcissisticderogatory, and a little toxic. Given his propensity for insults and sass, it is a wonder he still has friends and people willing to associate with himDespite his abrasive personality, Jimmy is strangely compatible and attracted to Gretchen’s unique brand of fun. In his words, “Gretchen’s a lunatic of whom I should be profoundly ashamed, and yet I’m not.” 

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