Gretchen Cutler
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Gretchen Cutler

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About Her

Living… in a phenomenally dirty apartment in Los Angeles, which is probably why she spends most of her time at other people’s places. Gretchen is the ultimate moocher: she will shamelessly crash at other people’s houses, eat their food, drink their booze, and then ask for a ride in the morning.  

Profession publicist at a music PR firm. Her main client is an up-and-coming rap trio that needs a lot of babysitting. Although her clients like her and she is good at her job, Gretchen doesn’t seem to do much work and often shows up late and hungover  

Interests… partyinghanging out with her best friend Lindsayand stealing gifts from weddings. The last one has yielded some interesting results, such as Gretchen hooking up with Lindsay’s sister’s ex-boyfriend, Jimmy.  

Relationship Status… it’s complicated. She was seeing a movie director on and off, but romantic relationships aren’t Gretchen’s thing. Yet meeting Jimmy showed her that there is another romance-phobe out there who is just as crazy as she is.  

Challenge… figuring out how to live the life she wants, includinwhatever is going on between Jimmy and her. Maybe having this no-strings-attached relationship with Jimmy would be okay. In her words: “So if we both know that it can’t work, then there’s no harm. Right?” 

Personality… brusque, unflinching, and authentic. Gretchen doesn’t mince words and doesn’t pretend to be anyone but herself. What you see is what you get. She might be trainwreck at times, but like the rest of us, Gretchen is just trying to figure it out. And if she’s a hot mess, she is at least an entertaining one. 

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