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Overview... free-spirited artist who recently took in her longtime friend Liza after her divorce. Maggie didn’t just give Liza a place to stay, though – she also gave her a makeover so she would look 26 instead of 40, giving her a chance to start a new career in publishing. And Liza’s con helps Maggie, too, because she meets Liza’s new 20-something friend Lauren and the two quickly fall for each other.

Personality... honest, fun, and creative. She’s comfortable in almost any situation – from helping Liza text her new 26-year-old boyfriend to partaking in an orthodox Shabbat dinner to taking molly-laced shots by accident. Maggie is a part of the art world so she’s fine with no two days being the same. She’s fun enough to help Liza act like she’s in her 20s, but wise enough to help her avoid the pitfalls that come with life in your 20s.

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