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Living... as a 26-year-old when in reality she just turned 40 and went through a divorce. Newly single and ready to re-enter the corporate world, Liza has to pretend to be younger than she is to get an entry-level job at Empirical Press, a major New York publishing house.

Profession... assistant to the demanding Diana Trout, marketing executive at Empirical. Of course, Diana doesn’t know that in reality, they’re peers (at least age-wise). To Diana, Liza is just another young, hungry, Snapchat-using millennial aiming to take her job.

Relationship Status... newly divorced and, surprisingly, dating a hunky millennial. When she met Josh at a bar, he thought she was a twenty-something out on the town just like him. What he doesn’t know, and she wasn’t going to tell him, was that she was only out because she was dealing with her recent divorce. Not to mention that she has a kid not too much younger than him.

Challenge... making sure Diana and Josh don’t find out about her secret. If lying to Josh would harm their relationship, having the cool, young tattoo artist find out that she isn’t as cool or young as she says she is would ruin it. And after a tough divorce and an even tougher time getting back to work, she couldn’t deal with losing the one thing that’s gone well lately.    

Personality... friendly, experienced, and adventurous. Liza has a tough time fitting in with her social media-obsessed millennial colleagues at work, but she’s not afraid to learn and adapt to their mysterious behaviors. Lucky for Liza, she’s aged incredibly well and can take advantage of everyone’s dream: a chance to start over. Living a lie isn’t easy, and she’s terrified of what might happen if it all unravels. For now, she’s just enjoying the ride, but don’t expect her to brag about it on Instagram.

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