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About Her

Grew Up... adopted, and completely happy about it. Whoever her previous parents were, they obviously did nothing to damage Yotsuba's carefree attitude.

Living... in a new neighborhood, full of new neighbors and all sorts of adventures. Yotsuba and her adoptive father, Mr. "Daddy" Koiwai, have just moved in next to the Ayase family, and Yotsuba quickly becomes friends with the three Ayase sisters and their welcoming parents. 

Profession... fulltime 5-year-old. It's an exhausting job, involving everything from catching cicadas to holding tea parties, but Yotsuba manages somehow.  

Interests... anything and everything. Although she has definite tastes – ice cream and cakes are fantastic, but not scary masks – she's generally up for anything new. A trip to the grocery store is an adventure, with Yotsuba exclaiming, "there's so much stuff!" at the shelves around her.

Relationship Status... single. Although she knows about the concept of romance from her older friends, Yotsuba – as a 5-year-old – is far more interested in cute butterflies than cute boys.

Challenge... exploring the world around her. Still too young for any real responsibilities, Yotsuba spends most of her time wandering her new town, playing with friends, and learning about the world around her. It's a task she takes to solemnly and with the greatest care, proclaiming that, "Earth is best after all, right?"

Personality... curious, cheerful, and odd even by the standards of 5-year-olds. Yotsuba might not know much about the world around her, but she's eager to learn, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Energetic, plucky, and wide-eyed, Yotsuba loves to have fun, and she wants all her friends to have fun as well.

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