Black Mirror

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a religious home with parents who are very controlling. Yorkie’s parents have strict expectations of her, and she tries her best not to disappoint them. Feeling smothered by her parents, Yorkie wants to live life on her own terms and have fun for a change. But as she says, “The concept of me actually enjoying myself would blow my parents’ minds.”

Visiting… the beach town of San Junipero in the 1980s. The first night, she visits Tuckers, a bar filled with big hair, crowded dance floors, video games, and plenty of alcohol. She encounters Kelly, an outgoing woman who shows Yorkie a great time, encouraging her to try alcohol and dance on the dance floor for the first time in her life. 

Relationship Status… engaged to Greg. Her family originally set them up, and now their wedding is a week away. But when Kelly puts her hand on her leg, she starts to feel things she has never felt with Greg.

Challenge… self-discovery. Yorkie’s strained relationship with her family and the backlash they’ve given her in the past for being herself has led her to become reserved and rarely speak up for herself. In San Junipero, Yorkie is finally feeling free to discover who she is and what makes her happy.

Personality… shy, awkward, and sweet. Yorkie is easily flustered, and while she adores being noticed and doted on by people she likes, she hates the thought of being judged by others. She dresses for comfort, her wardrobe prioritizes pastels, muted colors, and baggy clothes. Yorkie even wears glasses she no longer needs to wear just because they’re familiar to her. Yorkie has been pushed to be quiet about her desires for so long and she is ready to change that.


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