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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... on Hala, the capital planet of the Kree Empire

Visiting... anywhere in the universe. Yon-Rogg’s work takes him all over the galaxy.

Profession... Starforce Commander. Yon-Rogg is an important player in the Kree’s war against a malicious shape-shifting alien race known as the Skrull. He’s fiercely loyal to the Kree Empire and dedicated to wiping out the Skrull through any means necessary. As he tells his elite team of Starforce soldiers, “We are Kree, strong, united.”

Interests... anything that gets him more battle-ready.

Relationship Status... married to his job. Yon-Rogg’s most important relationships are with his Starforce team and specifically his protégée Vers (a.k.a. Carol Danvers), an amnesiac Starforce soldier in his unit.

Challenge... keeping Carol’s powers in check. Beyond her skilled Starforce training, Carol has the unique ability to harness photon energy into her glowing fists. The powers were gifted by the Kree via an implant in her neck, although, like most things in her life, Carol has no actual memory of that happening. Yon-Rogg is adamant that the only way Carol can effectively channel her powers is to keep her emotions in check at all times. He’s highly critical anytime she expresses anger or tries to dig into her past, telling her that she should focus on the present and utilize her tactical mind instead.

Personality... cool, calm, and collected. Yon-Rogg has the authority and confidence of an experienced soldier. He’s cool under pressure, although he can become agitated when people challenge his authority. He’ll tolerate Carol’s wisecracks up to a point, but he believes emotions have no place in war. As he puts it, “Humor is a distraction. And anger, anger only serves the enemy.” Yon-Rogg does have a warm, slightly paternal side at times. However, he plays things close to the vest, and much of his motivation and drive is a mystery.


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