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About Him

Grew up… in the sky. A member of the egalitarian garuda, Yagharek's wings meant he "grew up hunting from the skies" in the deserts of the Cymek.

Living... without his wings. For his crime of "choice-theft in the second degree with utter disrespect," Yagharek has been duly punished by his people. Once "Concrete Individual and Respected Yagharek," he is now "Too Too Abstract Yagharek Not To Be Respected," a garuda stripped of his name and wings.

Visiting… New Crozubon, a city far, far from home. But no one knows his crimes here, and Yagharek might be able to find a way to restore his wings again.

Profession… fugitive, currently. The garuda are a fairly solitary race, so in the Cymek, Yagharek was more of a hunter-gatherer than anything.

Interests… flying again. Unlike Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin, the scientist Yagharek hires to give him back flight, Yagharek has no interest in the mechanics of flight – all he knows is that he wants it back, and soon.

Relationship Status… single. Yagharek is an exile from his people, and his past history with romance isn't exactly promising.

Challenge… getting his wings back. Without the ability to fly, Yagharek feels trapped in the city, and he eagerly follows Isaac's experiments to see if any of them are promising. However, it seems that one of Isaac's new scientific specimens – a strange breed of caterpillar – may be more dangerous than they seem...

Personality… stoic, principled, and proud. Yagharek is a reticent Xenian, rarely saying more than what is needed. Yet as a result, his words carry great weight. He may have disgraced himself, but in the grimy, sordid streets of New Crozubon, Yagharek clings even harder to the society he can never return to.

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