Xu Wenwu

Xu Wenwu

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in China at one of the most prominent military bases in the world. Xu has amassed great wealth over the years and lives a life of luxury.

Profession… leader of the Ten Rings Army. Xu found the legendary Ten Rings many years ago and used them to conquer many places. He became one of the most feared men on the planet and trained his army to become skilled assassins. When he married his wife Yi, he had agreed to give up use of the Ten Rings and dismantled his army in order to be a family man. Xu began to change and was a more peaceful and loving person. But after his wife died, he spiraled into anger and depression, prompting him to return to his violent past. He became a harsh parent to Shang-Chi and Xu; he trained Shang-Chi to be a killer and ignored Xu Xialing because she is a girl. They both ran away from him because they despised who their father became.

Relationship Status… still married in his own mind. Xu hasn’t ever accepted the death of Yi, and he is determined to find her. Xu explains to Shang-Chi that he needs the pendants that were given to his children by Yi because they produce a map to the legendary village of Ta lo, a land of mythical creatures (where Yi is from and where she met Xu). He explains that he hears his wife telling him to free her from captivity in Ta Lo. Xu proclaims he will destroy the village in order to free her, threatening the lives of everyone.

Challenge… in a war with his two children. Shang-Chi and Xu Xialing have come back to prevent him from destroying their village. While Xu is an excellent fighter, his children are just as skilled. It’s a family feud that will be tense and violent. But as Xu reminds his son, he has the upper hand with his experience: “Be careful how you speak to me. I have lived 10 of your lifetimes. I have eaten more salt than you have had rice in your life!”

Personality… cruel, stubborn, and intelligent. Xu has undergone a major transformation from a loving family man to a violent tyrant. He is in deep pain from the death of his wife, and he's taking out his anger in all the wrong ways.


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