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Overview… a man without a name, known only as XXXX. He has established himself in the London cocaine business and made quite a fortune. He wants to quit while he is ahead, but his plans are halted when his powerful supplier, Jimmy Price, orders him to organize the distribution of some ecstasy from his associate, The Duke. What XXXX doesn’t know is that the drugs were stolen from a dangerous gang of Serbian war criminals who are now bent on revenge.

Personality… cautious, professional, and enterprising. XXXX is not your typical kingpin. While other drug dealers, such as The Duke, accomplish their tasks with bravado, XXXX prefers to remain unnoticed, operating his business from the shadows where the authorities can’t see him. He likes keeping his hands clean and leaves the unsavory, violent aspects of the trade to his associates. But, given the recent developments, it looks like XXXX will have no choice but to delve into the grittier aspects of the drug business. 

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