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Easy Rider

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Overview… a leather-clad drifter roaming the American Southwest by motorcycle. Wyatt embodies the easy-going attitude of the late sixties. With the loose idea of experiencing Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Wyatt and his sidekick Billy travel through hippie communes and small town jails, picking up hitchhikers, dodging rednecks, and sleeping under the stars. Fueled by drugs and youthful wanderlust, they are living it up on the open road.

Personality… cool, calm, and independent. Wyatt is the definition of a free spirit. He keeps no home, has no job, and answers to no one. His trusting disposition allows him to befriend fellow travelers, though his rough biker appearance puts him at odds with disapproving small town residents. Although he sometimes keeps unwholesome company, Wyatt seeks to do right by everybody he meets even though they don’t always return the favor. 

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