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Woody Grant


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Living… in Billings, Mont. Woody likes to wander the streets aimlessly, often to the annoyance of his family and the local police. His wife is losing her patience with him. She’s considering putting him in a nursing home. Woody might enjoy that – if only because she wouldn’t be there.

Visiting... his hometown, Hawthorne, Neb. It took him and his son David two days to cover the 750 miles between here and Billings. They’re stopping here on their way to Lincoln to claim Woody’s “big prize” in a sweepstakes contest; at least that’s what Woody inists. To David, they’re stopping here because he knows it’s what his father wants. He sure as hell wasn’t going to let Woody go alone.

Profession… retired businessman. Woody used to own a garage with Ed Pegram before he sold his share to Ed for $800. It might sound like a rip-off, but Woody insists that was a lot of money back then. Woody was never much of a go-getter professionally, so this sweepstakes is right up his alley. A million dollars, for free. That’s the kind of “career” he can get behind.

Interests… drinking. It’s been Woody’s favorite hobby since he was a kid, sipping from his father’s beers. He resents his son David for not drinking with him the way Woody drank with his father. David’s trying to give up alcohol – the quitter.

Relationship Status… married and miserable. Woody is openly regretful of marrying Kate. Even when they first met, love never entered the conversation. The kids were all accidents. Kate’s a Catholic and never believed in birth control. But leaving her would be pointless: “I’d just end up with somebody else who gives me sh-- all the time.”

Challenge… coming to terms with the realities of his life. The sweepstakes is a bust – nobody ever really believed him. His own partner screwed him out of his business. His kids don’t understand him; his wife doesn’t love him. Deep down, Woody likely knows all these things. But at a certain point, you just stop caring. The only thing worth caring about is the next six-pack.

Personality… cantankerous. An old ex-girlfriend from back home filled in some gaps: “For Woody it got bad after Korea. He had a hard time over there…he was shot down while being transferred.” He’s never even told his family about his experiences there. It’s not that he sees himself as a victim. The drinking makes it easier to get through the day, to suffer through the demands of the people around him. 

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