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Into the Woods

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Overview... a misunderstood villain. Though most of the kingdom is afraid of the Witch – and not without reason – she’s also led a hard life. Long ago her neighbor stole her magic beans, activating a spell that transformed her into an ugly old crone. To extract revenge, the Witch cursed his family and claimed his unborn daughter. She raised the baby Rapunzel in a tall tower away from the dangers of humanity. But after living for years as a hag, what the Witch wants more than anything is to break the curse and regain her former beauty. So she enlists the Baker and his Wife to gather the ingredients for a magic potion that will do just that.  

Personality... intelligent, possessive, spiteful, funny, and powerful. The Witch isn’t altogether evil, but she’s not exactly a saint either. Having been rejected by the world for most of her life, the immensely powerful sorceress is only interested in looking out for herself and her daughter. She doesn’t care about doing the “right” thing unless it helps her in some way. Though she’s unforgiving of those who betray her, she’s also got a pretty wicked sense of humor.

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