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Grew Up... in a world wracked by war. In the year 1984, three superstates – Oceania, Eastasia, and Eurasia – clash for power. Living in Airstrip One of Oceania, Londoner Winston often finds it hard to remember who exactly Oceania is fighting against, much less why the war is being fought.

Living... under surveillance. Oceania is ruled by the Party, a powerful political group led by Big Brother, its leader who is said to be always watching his people. It's a highly segregated society, but Winston has had the luck of being a member of the Outer Party, putting him below the influential Inner Party but far above the uneducated proles.

Profession... clerk at the Ministry of Truth. At Minitrue, Winston rewrites historical news items the party thinks it necessary to alter. Or, as the official phrase would have it, he "rectifies" history for the good of the party. 

Interests... staying out of trouble. As the banners around London declare, "Big Brother is watching you," and even a rebellious thought can get Winston into deep trouble. But Winston's lately started a diary, despite the act being seditious enough to get him sentenced to, if not death, "at least twenty-five years in a forced labor camp."

Relationship Status... none; that would be political suicide. In Oceania, sex is "looked on as a slightly disgusting minor operation, like having an enema," and marriages between Party members are always pre-arranged. Still, that doesn't prevent Winston from falling for Julia, a beautiful Party member who seems to share Winston's anti-Party sentiments. 

Challenge... staying alive. Winston knows that seeing Julia and keeping a diary are dangerous activities, but he can't help hoping that he'll somehow manage to avoid getting caught. But rumors are swirling around London of rebel forces, and Winston can't help but  be interested.

Personality... introverted, introspective, and rightfully cautious. The Party may try to brainwash its citizens into believing that all is right in Oceania, but as a member of Minitrue, Winston knows the lies being told in the name of Big Brother. Too smart to be fooled, Winston is also too timid to rebel, but Julia might change all that...

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