Winnie Sanderson
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Winnie Sanderson

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Grew up… in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1693. Winnie and her sisters, Sarah and Mary, are witches who use black magic to stay forever youthful. They lured a young girl named Emily to their cottage in order to suck out her soul, despite her older brother Thackery’s attempts to stop them. The ruthless Winnie turns Thackery into a cat, and he is left living an immortal life, bearing the burdensome guilt of his sister’s death.

Living… in a coffin, until very recently. The three Sanderson sisters were captured by the townsfolk and set to hang for what they did to Emily. However, they placed a curse that will allow them to be resurrected if a virgin lights their black candle: "My ungodly book speaks to you: On All Hallow's Eve, when the moon is round, a virgin will summon us from under the ground. Oh, oh! We shall be back, and the lives of all the children of Salem will be mine!" Just as Winnie predicted, a teenager named Max lights the black candle, bringing the three witches back to life…300 years later.

Profession… witch. Just as she did when she was alive for the first time, Winnie wants to lure all the young children of Salem toward her in order to suck out their souls so she and her sisters can become youthful again.

Interests… her spell book, flying on her broom, and gaining eternal youth. Winnie thinks it will be easy to accomplish her goal of immortality the second time around. However, in the past 300 years some serious changes have been made to society. It’s harder to find the souls of children to suck out when you have to navigate a city filled with strange things like buses.

Relationship Status… single. She used to be in a relationship with Billy Butcherson, but when he cheated on her with her younger sister, she poisoned him. Cursed, he now does Winnie’s bidding in the afterlife… or so she thinks.

Challenge… finding her spell book. Once she recovers it, she can brew the potion needed to give her eternal youth. Unfortunately for Winnie, Max will do anything in his power to get rid of the three evil witches that he accidentally brought back from the dead.

Personality… cruel, smart, and funny. The oldest of her three sisters, she's also the most ruthless. Winnie is definitely running this coven, and thinks her sisters are a pair of idiots – and she might not be wrong. She leads the other Sanderson sisters on their evil quest, and is the only one who seems to have any sort of plan. She often cracks jokes at their expense and laments their apparent lack of wits.

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