Winifred "Freddie" Brooks

Winifred "Freddie" Brooks

    A Different World

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in New Mexico in a hippy crystal loving household. Having a white mother and a black father, Freddie has grown up having a unique perspective on race. She was taught to stand up for everything she believes in, even if it is controversial. Freddie does not shy away from difficulty, but rather faces it head on. 

Profession... a student at Hillman, a black university where she has made some great friends.

Interests... everything political. Freddie takes it upon herself to aware her peers on all the issues going on around the world. From climate change to the industrial prison complex, Freddie has a stance on every political issue. This does not mean that Freddie doesn't like to have a good time. You can catch Freddie at almost every party. She has a love and appreciation for life that spreads to others around her. 

Relationship Status… single and hopeful. Freddie always has some man on her mind. Her imagined perception of her crushes, however, differ from who the person is. Freddie always sees the best in people. This sometimes blinds her from seeing the flaws in men. 

Challenge... deciding what she will be in the world. Freddie dreams of being a human rights crusader. The question lies in how she will go about her dream. Will she be a writer, a lawyer, or a public speaker? 

Personality... free-spirited and passionate. Freddie has bold political opinions. Her imagination is large, and constantly takes her away from reality. Regardless, Freddie stabilizes herself for her friends. She is always there for her loved ones, often putting them before herself. 


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