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The Limey

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Living… in England, but he’s in Los Angeles for a few weeks. America looks different than he thought it would. He thought perhaps there'd be dispensing machines for guns. No such luck.

Profession… ex-con, just recently out of prison. Now he’s in L.A. tracking down the truth about how his daughter, Jenny, really died. The official story was that it was a hit-and-run car accident, but Wilson thinks her boyfriend Valentine, a music producer, and his minions were behind it. He wants a confession and he wants revenge. All he’s getting now is the official story. Her neck was broken. On impact, they said. It doesn't add up.

Interests… getting to know Jenny's friends, Eduardo and Elaine. They told him that Jenny and Valentine had a fight the night she died, and Jenny drove away, upset. They don't know Valentine but they know of his circle.

Relationship Status… single. Really, there’s not much to talk about since the divorce. He and his wife split up when Jenny was 6. She didn’t do so well after the divorce either: “Her second husband done a runner after she got sick. They gave me compassionate leave from Parkhurst to go visit her in hospital.” They were always friends, Wilson and his ex, and he likes to think Jenny and her mum are together in heaven.

Challenge… solving the death of his daughter, and getting revenge for it for necessary. Wilson wasn’t there for his daughter during most of her childhood, since he was stuck in prison. But Jenny never turned her back on him. That’s why he has to find out the truth about how she died. And if it wasn’t an accident, he needs to make the people responsible pay. Frankly, it’s the least he can do. Hopefully he can wrap it up and get back to England before his probation officer realizes he skipped the country.

Personality… tough, pragmatic, and ruefully funny. He can laugh about the way he got sent to prison, afterrobbing a jeweler in the West End. They tried to tunnel their way under the shop floor from the public lavatory down the road, but when the tunnel collapsed they were lucky to be caught before they suffocated. As he puts it, “I'll tell ya something: it made me a model prisoner. Put me right off any escape attempts. Tunnel my way to freedom after that experience? Not bloody likely.”

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