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Cast Away

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Overview... man’s best friend. Or, at least, one man’s best friend. When FedEx engineer Chuck Noland ends up stranded on a desert island after a plane crash, Wilson the volleyball becomes his only companion. (Wilson gets his name from the company that made him, which is printed on his perfectly round body.) Though Chuck and Wilson’s relationship starts off rocky – Chuck tosses Wilson in frustration after cutting his hand, leaving Wilson smeared with blood – they are soon inseparable. Chuck draws a face in the dried blood, and over the next four years he pours out his heart to his little buddy.

Personality… reliable, quiet, and a great listener. Wilson may not say much (or anything), but he’s a great sounding board for Chuck – who desperately needs one to stay sane on the island. They have occasional disagreements like all friends do, but Wilson is always there for Chuck. Wilson simply gives and gives and gives, while asking for nothing in return except perhaps a little air to fill his belly. We’d all be lucky to have a friend like that.

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