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Willie Conway

Beautiful Girls

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Overview... a musician who’s back home for his high school reunion. Like most of his old friends, Willie is still figuring out how to transition from a twentysomething to a thirtysomething, aka how to be a “real” grown-up. Willie is a moderately successful pianist in New York, but he’s trying to figure out whether to keep the music dream alive or take a stable job as a salesman. He also isn’t sure whether to marry his girlfriend, a beautiful lawyer. Fortunately he can take his mind off his own issues by jumping into his friends’ small-town drama as one snowstorm after another pelts Knights Ridge, Massachusetts.  

Personality... easygoing and talented, but indecisive. Willie always knew he wanted to leave his small hometown to be a musician in the big city. But now that he’s done that, or at least started down that path, he’s wondering if that’s all there is. Ultimately, though, that’s a question he’s going to have to answer for himself.

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Willie Conway
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