William Cage

William Cage

    Edge of Tomorrow
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in a world that stands on the brink of human extinction. A few years ago, a meteor crashed to earth and unleashed an alien scourge upon continental Europe – the mimics. An unending alien tide, they tore the world’s defenses to pieces and are poised to eradicate humanity. The creation of a new weapon – a mechanized exoskeleton – resulted in the human’s first ever victory over the mimics. Energized, numerous governments around the world have united for a final assault designed to eradicate the mimics once and for all.

Profession… Major in the United Defense Force (UDF). While he bears the rank of a soldier, Cage has never been in a battle. He is the UDF’s resident spin-doctor and talking head. In his view, his job is to convince others to fight wars. Unfortunately, Cage’s cowardice gets him into trouble. When General Bringham discovers his unwillingness to fight, he strips Cage of his rank, knocks him out, and forces him to serve in the first wave of the invasion.

Interests… hearing himself talk, a trait that made him a natural fit for his previous job as the face of the UDF. Now that he’s been tasked to help fight the mimics, Cage has only one interest – survival.

Relationship status… single, and there isn’t much time to be looking for a girlfriend on the battlefield.

Challenge… ending the mimic invasion once and for all. During the mimic invasion, Cage kills a rare, blue alpha mimic using a claymore mind. Cage is killed immediately, but somehow wakes up at the beginning of the previous day. He dies again and again, unable to escape the invasion’s bloodbath on the beach - yet always wakes up back at the beginning of the day. With infinite chances, Cage will have to overcome his cowardice, find a way to survive the invasion, and end the war.

Personality… chatty, personable, and fearful. Cage has the makings of a good soldier, but is so afraid of dying that he’s unable to realize it. Only by reliving his death, can he make progress and become the hero that the world needs him to be.


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