William Afton

William Afton

    Five Nights at Freddy's

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Profession… Co-Founder of Fazbear Entertainment. William worked on the ground floor with a long-time friend and co-founder, Henry Emily, serving food and entertaining children in their mascot suits. Before the removal of his association with the establishment, William was the mastermind behind their engineering efforts and animatronic success. Tragically, the animatronnics he invented ended up killing his daughter and one of his sons.

Relationship Status… married. His marriage has faced challenges including the deaths of their children and William's crimes. But love perseveres.

Challenge… killing as many children as possible. Whether it was a desperate attempt to reunite with his son or a succumbing to madness that undid the man that was once William, he now seeks eternal life to wreak havoc. After murdering multiple children at the Fazbear establishments, William no longer holds a motive for his bloodlust. So much so, that after he lost his human form, William lived on to possess an animatronic form as he rampaged on his path of misguided vengeance.

Personality… calculated, bloodthirsty, and psychopathic. After all, it takes sadistic skill to get away with slaughtering multiple children. William is determined to exist as a vessel of violence. As he says, “I always come back.”


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