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Will Gorski


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About Him

Grew Up… with a police officer as his father and a chip on his shoulder. Following in his father’s footsteps, he eventually joined the Chicago P.D. His past as a juvenile delinquent makes him more empathetic towards law offenders than the rest of the force.

Living… physically, in Chicago. Mentally, Will has been connecting with seven other strangers from Nairobi, Seoul, Mumbai, Berlin, London, San Francisco, and Mexico City. 

Interests… hanging out with his wise-cracking partner Diego, picking locks, and protecting people.

Relationship Status… single, but interested in Riley Blue. She’s a member of his telepathically linked Cluster, and despite her living thousands of miles away (and the fact he’s never seen her in person), Will is falling for her.

Challenge… figuring out his new abilities. Is he going crazy? Who was that mysterious blonde woman that he saw in his dreams? What does she have to do with the fact that Will is sharing skills, experiences, and feelings with seven people that he has never actually met?

Personality… empathetic, upstanding, and caring. Will has a strong sense of justice and a large protective streak, not just as a cop but as a person. He will do the right thing, even it means alienating his coworkers or going against the law.

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