Will Turner

Will Turner

    Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… under the impression that his father was a travelling merchant. His mother raised him to be an upstanding citizen, but once she died, Will went in search of his father and learned his true heritage: Will is the son of “Bootstrap” Bill, a notorious pirate.

Living… in Port Royal, Jamaica, where he currently works as a blacksmith. He buries himself in his work and tries to keep his head down. But it isn’t long before adventure comes knocking—luckily Will has been practicing with the sabers of his blacksmith craft. He’s ready for a battle, in whatever form it may come. It happens to come in the form of Captain Jack Sparrow, a renegade pirate who turns up at Will’s blacksmith workshop.

Profession… blacksmith. Will’s master is a drunk, and the responsibility often falls on Will’s shoulders entirely, which is fine by him because he’s a hard worker and eager to learn more about his craft—especially if it means he gets to practice his fencing skills for many hours every day. Will also learns important tricks of the trade through his work, such as the importance of “the right leverage and proper application of strength.”

Interests… adventure, dueling, manners. Will is trying as much as possible to avoid his ancestral call to piracy, but alas, he was born to be a pirate. And ever so slowly, he becomes drawn more and more into life on the high seas.

Relationship Status… he’s in love with Elizabeth Swann—and has been for years. He still cannot confess his love, for she is the daughter of a governor and he is naught but a lowly blacksmith. Alas.

Challenge… save Elizabeth from pirates. She’s been kidnapped by a crew of ghost pirates. Will then teams up with Jack Sparrow as they hunt down The Black Pearl, a ship that Jack used to be involved with.

Personality… pure of heart, easily duped, Will Turner begins his adventure as something of a greenhorn. Luckily, his sharp wits allow him to learn quickly and act just as fast. Will Turner was made for adventure, and no amount of boring blacksmithery could convince his heart otherwise.


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