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Will Truman

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Grew Up... in a beautiful home in Bridgeport, Conn., with his parents and two brothers. Everyone thought Will fit perfectly into their traditional WASPy family until he came out to his parents in college. But Will later discovered that he was not the only one hiding something – his parents were pretending to be happily married, and they were far from that. Denial runs deep in the Truman household. As Will says, "We don't talk about things we don't want to know about."

Living… in a fabulous apartment in New York City with Grace Adler. He and Grace go way back to the same dorm at NYU. After meeting over chocolate fondue in the dorm, they started going on dates – most often to a male strip club called Chippendale's for their great Mai Tai drinks. But the relationship was never consummated because he said he was saving himself for marriage. After proposing to Grace, he realized he needed to come clean and tell her he is gay. Needless to say, they had a bad breakup. But as the years have passed, they have become great friends again. They're just not the best roommates – Will is a neat freak, and Grace is one of the messiest people you will ever meet. 

Profession... lawyer. Will graduated from NYU Law and joined a successful law firm out of college. He was on track to make partner, but decided to start his own practice instead. He just landed his first client, the Texas billionaire Harlin Polk.  

Interests… tight clothing, cleaning, and Barry Manilow. 

Relationship Status… single. His longest relationship was with Michael for seven years. After Michael broke his heart, he has found it difficult to move on. 

Challenge… coming to terms with his sexuality. Will still seems to struggle being gay even though he came out years ago. And it doesn't help that his dad tells everyone that he is married to Grace. But thankfully, he has supportive friends – including his gay friend Jack McFarland who helped him come out in the first place. 

Personality… witty, intelligent, mature, pragmatic, responsible, tidy, well-adjusted, caring, and loyal. In other words, he's basically as perfect as a human being can be – especially when compared to his friends who wear their emotions on their sleeves and are open about all their flaws. Despite all of Will's strengths, he can be insecure and anxious. Hopefully, he will get over that.  

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