Will Stronghold
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Will Stronghold

Sky High

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About Him

Overview… a teenager about to start his freshman year at Sky High, a special school for kids with super powers. His dad is The Commander and his mom is Jetstream, two of the most well-known superheroes in the world. Destroying villains, saving cities, fighting crime-that is just a morning’s work for Mr. and Mrs. Stronghold. As their son, Will is expected to accomplish big things. Just one little problem– he doesn’t have his powers yet.

Personality… kind and brave, but quite anxious. Will is a nice guy who is willing to stick his neck out for a friend, even if it is in danger of getting chopped off by one of the school bullies. When he isn’t being tormented by Lash and Speed, Will is panicking. He’s unsure of when his powers will develop or if he’ll get them at all.

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