Will Salas
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Will Salas

In Time

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Overview… an unlucky man living in a futuristic world where time literally means money. Poor people like Will are forced to work remedial jobs in order to survive another day. When a chance encounter leaves Will with more than a lifetime’s worth of currency, he beings to doubt the whole system. His quest for justice attracts the attention of the wealthy rulers and powerful police that profit from the futuristic capital system. Will races to find a way to liberate his family and friends, keeping ahead of the police by a matter of minutes.

Personality… hardworking, daring, and kind. Raised in one of the poorest “Time Zones,” Will is used to doing things quickly and is at first impressed by the leisure and luxury of the richer time zones. However, his true identity as an underdog drives him to take actions that upset the biased monetary system. Bold and inquisitive, Will is unafraid to ask the questions that others won’t in order to expose the flaws in a system that allows rich people to obtain immortality at the expense of the poor. 

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