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Will Parry

The Subtle Knife

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About Him

Grew Up… in Winchester, England. Will’s father went on an Arctic expedition when he was very young and never came back. Will was left to care for his mother, who suffers from a number of mental health problems.

Living… between worlds. Will was investigating his father’s disappearance, when mysterious agents broke into his house and demanded information. Will escaped through a portal into another world, an empty city. There he met Lyra, a girl from yet another world who asks to visit Will’s.

Profession… none. Right now Will’s responsibility is to take care of his mother. He also has to find his father, figure out what the mysterious government agents want and how to get rid of them, and help Lyra.

Interests… vague. Will is more about responsibilities than about hobbies. He did take piano lessons at one point, though, and he can cook.

Relationship Status… single. But the outspoken, bold Lyra intrigues him, and she has proved to be a strong ally in their mutual adventures.

Challenge… finding his father. Will’s dad didn’t just disappear into thin air, and now that Will knows there are other worlds, there’s a distinct possibility that his father is in one of them. Will has to figure not only where his father is, but how to get there—and there seems to be a number of forces that have other plans for him.

Personality… independent, polite, and moral. Will has always had to take care of himself, so he’s gotten used to doing things that normally wouldn’t be required of a young teenager. He tends to be nice and friendly, and will do the right thing even when no one is watching. That said, he has a sharper side: he’s willing to fight when the cause is just, and others report him seeming fierce or threatening.

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