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Will Munny


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About Him

Grew Up… as a notorious gunfighter who murdered many men in cold blood. Earlier in his life, Will was a serious drinker who spent a lot of time whoring around.

Living… more righteously than ever. His wife Claudia, now deceased, helped him give up drinking and swearing – making a real man of him.

Profession… gunslinger turned farmer. Will is now at the end of his fiscal rope trying to run a failing hog farm with his two kids. When a cocky young would-be gunfighter named the Schofield Kid comes to offer him an opportunity to make some money avenging the terrible beating of a prostitute in Wyoming, Munny decides to take the murderous job. He justifies his decision thusly: “Just cause we're going on this killing, that don't mean I'm going to go back to being the way I was. I just need the money, get a new start for them youngsters.”

Interests… his children’s future, cleaning himself up, and staying away from whisky. That last one especially can be hard to manage when a big part of him really wants to go back to his old "friend" and drink away his problems.

Relationship Status… widowed. His wife left him to take care of their two children, a job that Will was never prepared to tackle alone. But if there’s one thing Munny is, it’s a reliable man. He’ll get this child-rearing job done as well as any. 

Challenge… making enough money to raise his kids. Hog farming just ain’t cutting it these days. So, he turns back to killing for money. Except this time he’s killing a couple of cowboys who beat up a pretty young lady beyond recognition, so at least it's a reasonably good cause. Will convinces his old friend Ned Logan to join the venture. But the brutal sheriff, Little Bill Daggett, won't make it easy.

Personality… dependable and solid, but also ruthless to the bone. He may seem like he’s turned soft over the years, but he can still strike the fear of God into your heart, the same as he ever could. He’s not the same violent man he was before – at least not before taking this job – but the memories are still fresh in his mind and ripe for the picking.

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