Will McKenzie
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Will McKenzie

The Inbetweeners

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About Him

Living… in suburban London. Will’s mother recently moved him from private school to Rudge Park Comprehensive, the local public school. Will showed up on the first day at Rudge Park carrying a briefcase and sporting an oversized green badge reading, "Hi I'm Will. Stop me and say hello.” Despite these faux pas, he successfully befriended the sixth form crew of Simon, Jay, and Neil, and together the four of them venture to climb the Rudge Park social ladder.

Profession… student. After he graduates, Will aspires toward a career in journalism or politics or law after attending a top-tier British uni. Until then he will have to settle for chairman of the Christmas prom planning committee.

Interests… riding roller coasters, civilized discourse, and cleanliness. Will is also a proud former boy scout and relishes sharing his outdoors tips with his mates.

Relationship Status… single. Most girls are repulsed by Will, whether it be for his dorky outward appearance or bad Yoda impersonation. This makes it even more remarkable that he is able to win over Charlotte Hinchcliffe, one of the most attractive girls in Year 12. She appreciates his dry witticisms and the fact that he’s different from her usual line-up of losers.

Challenge… improving his social status. Will is bullied for many reasons: his suit, his glasses, his diminutive stature, his posh manner of speech, his “gay hair”, and his briefcase. He is often called “briefcase wanker,” or “briefcase” for short. Bullying ranges from teasing from his friends to physical assault by the notorious Mark Donovan. He is alternatively teased and saved from further bullying by the attractiveness of his mother.

Personality… principled and clever. Will has a strong moral compass to the point that he sometimes can be sanctimonious. He is an articulate speaker, which doesn’t help his cause with bullies but comes in handy for his deadpan sense of humor. Will is apt at putting things in perspective when reflecting back, and generally has an upbeat attitude towards life.

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