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Grew up… in Wisconsin. Will has wanted to be a politician since he was a boy, which is why he had to leave Madison (and his college sweetheart) for New York City, where he would work on Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Living… in New York. Will, now 38, is gliding into middle age as an unhappy divorcé. He says that the only good thing in his life is his 10-year-old daughter, Maya.

Profession… wannabe politician. Former “coffee-and-bagel guy” on the Clinton ’92 campaign, Will worked his way up in the political world and eventually started his own campaign management consultancy with his best friend. But after a shocking betrayal shatters that dream, he’s resigned himself to working for an advertising agency.

Interests… aside from politics and current events, romance. Always a romantic, Will has unfortunately had bad luck in love. Now, in 2008, he finds himself reminiscing about the three great loves of his life: his college sweetheart Emily, the vivacious and fun-loving April and the sophisticated journalist Summer.

Relationship Status… divorced. Now single, Will still hopes to end up with the love of his life. He just needs a bit of help figuring out who that is, exactly.

Challenge… explaining the mysterious nature of relationships and love to his young daughter. Will is recounting the long story of his love life to Maya, but he’s changing the names of the three women to see if she can guess which one ended up being her mother. While telling the story, Will might just learn something about himself. Maybe things aren’t always as complicated as they seem.

Personality… smart, hardworking, and boyish. Above all else, Will is a caring father who looks out for his daughter’s best interests. Though he may have gotten lost along the way, he is genuinely hoping to reconcile with the “one who got away,” and his witty, charming daughter might just be able to help figure out how to get her back. 

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