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Will Grayson 2

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Living… in sleepy Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Thanks to an absentee father and a non-existent social life, will (yes, lower-case) leads a pretty solitary existence. On most nights, it’s just him, his mom, and reruns of Law & Order.

Profession… student. Going to school isn’t exactly will’s idea of a good time: “Every morning, I pray that the bus will crash and we’ll all die in a fiery wreck.” Aside from school, will works at CVS during the weekends to support his family.

Interests… chatting with his online friend from Ohio. will and Isaac hit it off right from the beginning, “swapping pictures and mp3s and telling each other about how everything pretty much sucked.” They don’t have to meet in person to know that they’re a match made in heaven. Well, instant messenger, anyway.

Relationship Status… single, but in love. And no, not with Maura, the poetry-obsessed goth girl who is clearly super into him. Like an infatuated schoolgirl, will doodles the name of his crush all over his notebook: Isaac, Isaac, Isaac.

Challenge… dealing with life, which is 10 times harder when you’re living with depression. Nevertheless, will keeps it together for the sake of his mom and tries not to focus on his mental illness too much: “Truth is, thinking about depression depresses the sh-- out of me.”

Personality… snarky and cynical. will speaks fluent sarcasm and looks at the world through crap-tinted glasses. For him, there are no silver linings in life – only clouds.

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