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Will Gardner

The Good Wife

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About Him

Living… alone in downtown Chicago in the kind of apartment that a partner at a good law firm can afford.

Profession… a “named” partner -- meaning his name is on the door -- at Stern, Lockhart, & Gardner. He attended Georgetown Law School, where he met (and likely dated) Alicia (Cavanaugh) Florrick, whom he recently hired at the firm. Will is in his element on the courtroom floor, and he’s a successful, driven and goal-oriented attorney.

Interests… sports, as both a participant and fan. He plays in a regular pick-up basketball game with fellow attorneys and some judges, and can be spotted tossing a baseball around in his office while mulling over a case. Will brings his competitive nature to his work, often treating cases like a sporting contest.

Relationship Status… single and playing the field. Though Will is clearly attracted to Alicia, who is (at least technically) still married. He is not at risk of being seriously hurt by Alicia, as he knows there are always other women he can call.

Challenge… developing a life and identity outside of work. Will is a fast-track type of guy, and didn’t get to named partner so quickly by stopping every 10 minutes to survey his emotions or see how he feels. He’s not one to ponder life’s big questions. As he tells his fellow partner Diane Lockhart, “Does it really matter? We all end up in the same place. All that’s left is our Wikipedia entry.” But he can seem like a different person when he’s alone with Alicia.

Personality… smart, driven, and boisterous. Will is a loyal friend, and demands loyalty in return from his friends and co-workers. And beyond being “a stickler for the law,” Will has a strong sense of right and wrong.

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