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Living… in Los Angeles with his owner Jenna. He thinks she’s perfect in every way. Wilfred can usually be found hanging out next door at the residence of Ryan Newman. To most people, Wilfred looks like an ordinary dog. To Ryan, he looks like an Australian man wearing a dog costume.

Profession… as a dog, Wilfred is liberated from the need for gainful employment. He is content to sit around all day drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and weed, and eating cheese. As far as Wilfred is concerned he is infallible: “seven years old, and too wise for lies.” 

Interests… caring for Jenna, talking about his love for Matt Damon, playing with bubbles, and messing with Ryan’s head.

Relationship Status… dating Bear, an androgynous giant stuffed teddy bear he rescued from the sexual deviant running a local doggy day care. Though Bear is motionless and mute, it is often embroiled in bitter arguments with Wilfred. Wilfred can often be found humping Bear. He once cheated on Bear with a stuffed giraffe.

Challenge… helping the depressed and unemployed Ryan get his life back on track. As he tells Ryan, “Do you know why dogs dig? Because we're searching for truth.” Wilfred is eager to impart his wisdom upon Ryan, usually manipulating him into acting out some sort of undesirable, real-life moral lesson.

Personality… devious, self-centered, and tender. In contrast to the emotionally unavailable Ryan, Wilfred wears his heart on his sleeve. In blurring the line between man and dog, Wilfred is not unlike a manifestation of the human male id, and that is what he tries to coax out of Ryan. As he tells Ryan, “Trust your instincts. No more doubt. No fear. Welcome to your new life.”

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