White Witch

White Witch

    The Chronicles of Narnia
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Charn, a city in a different world. Originally known as Jadis, the former princess of Charn was fought her sister for throne of Queen in a struggle that left Jadis the only survivor in a dead world. Because of her tall stature, odd skin color, and magical abilities, it is rumored that Jadis is half-Jinn and half-Giantess.

Living… in the world of Narnia. She was brought there accidentally at the time of its creation and has stayed there ever since, slowly amassing enough magical powers to usurp the throne.

Profession… sorceress and ruler of Narnia. Jadis is capable of powerful magic, and she isn't afraid to use it. On Charn, it was her usage of the Deplorable Word that left her world destroyed. By the workings of Deep Magic in Narnia, she has also the right to execute traitors, a task which she performs gladly.

Interests… turning Aslan's supporters to stone and collecting slaves to boss around. Between the eternal winter she brings and the dozens of stone creatures that decorate her place, it's little wonder the Narnians want the Witch gone.

Relationship Status… single. With all the energy she invests in being a supreme queen, the White Witch has nothing to spare for romance – and besides, who could possibly be a match for her majesty?

Challenge… continue ruling Narnia. Although she's kept Narnia under her chilly thumb for a century, it has been prophesied that she will be overthrown. But Jadis is prepared for this threat – she’s got her army of supporters and informants to keep an eye out for those who would oppose her.

Personality… cold, narcissistic, and haughty. The personification of evil, the White Witch is only interested in having power over others and believes everyone else exists to do her bidding. Different standards apply to the Witch, who truly believes “what would be wrong for you or for any of the common people is not wrong in a great Queen.”


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