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Whip Whitaker


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Overview... a talented but troubled pilot. Given his heavy drinking and drug use, Whip has long seemed headed for a crash. But nobody suspected it would be as literal and dramatic as when SouthJet Flight 227 drops out of the sky. A massively hungover Whip miraculously manages to crash-land the plane upside down, saving all but six of the people onboard. But Whip quickly goes from hero to potential villain when blood tests show he had drugs and alcohol in his system while flying the plane. 

Personality... confident, headstrong, and self-destructive. It’s a testament to Whip’s unshakeable self-belief that he’s even been able to function despite his excesses. But his conviction that he can handle anything, from piloting a balky jumbo jet in a massive storm to snorting mounds of cocaine hours before a flight, is also his greatest weakness. Whip’typically not one to listen to advice, or even think he needs it. But if he’s really going to conquer his demons, he’ll have to admit he needs help. 

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