Portal Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… within the Aperture Science testing facilities. Wheatley, an artificially intelligent robot, used to be the Intelligence Dampening Sphere attached to the larger artificial intelligence, GLaDOS, who ran the Aperture Enrichment Center testing facilities. He was deactivated and put into storage many years ago.

Profession… an AI personality core. After the apparent demise of GLaDOS, Wheatley was reactivated and now maintains the Extended Relaxation Center where test subjects live in long-term cryogenic stasis. Or, as he puts it, scientists “ended up giving me the worst job, tending to all the smelly humans.”

Interests… talking. Wheatley doesn’t really have any apparent hobbies, other than chattering on incessantly. Though he doesn’t always offer the best advice: “Could you just jump into that pit? There? That deadly pit?”

Relationship Status… single. Wheatley is a lonely AI personality core who doesn’t really have anyone to have a romance with, even if he could.

Challenge… help the test subject Chell escape the Aperture Science testing facilities. At least, that seems to be his outward motivation, but it’s unclear what Wheatley really wants given that he was once attached to the megalomaniacal and murderous GLaDOS.

Personality… indecisive, cowardly, and simple. Wheatley was designed to be “the dumbest moron that ever lived,” and Aperture scientists hoped that he would make GLaDOS less intelligent by constantly coming up with "stupid, pointless, and badly planned ideas.” Though not entirely dim-witted, he is very weak-willed and susceptible to manipulation. Despite his low self-esteem, Wheatley never stops talking and is fairly friendly and helpful.


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