Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
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Wesley Wyndam-Pryce


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About Him

Grew up… in England with a cold, hard-to-please father. Always drawn to the mystical and the supernatural, he attended an all-boys school where he was trained under the Watchers’ Council, an organization dedicated to the supervision of demon and vampire hunters.

Living… in Los Angeles, California. After the Watchers’ Council fired him for failing to control Buffy, he left Sunnydale for Los Angeles in order to help out Angel’s team. 

Profession… paranomal investigator. Before he began working for Angel Investigations – where he acts as the resident expert on the occult – Wesley was an uptight Watcher. After being fired and therefore forced to deal with reality, he proclaimed himself a “rogue demon hunter.” 

Interests… the black arts and demonic languages. Though Wesley is intelligent in all academic fields, he is most interested in demonology. He’s a total nerd about it, actually – always researching and looking for ways to further his knowledge.

Relationship Status… complicated. With his British accent and cute smile, Wesley has no trouble finding women, but it never quite seems to work out (maybe because most of them end up dead). But he seems to have his eye on the beautiful Fred Burkle, who also joined Angel’s team.

Challenge… working with the team instead of alone. Wesley often ends up separating himself from the group and working alone, either because he is too extreme in his plans or because he feels he knows better. Wesley is somewhat self-loathing because of the distance he places between himself and the rest of the group, and it certainly gets him into trouble.

Personality… ambitious, ruthless, pragmatic, and insecure. Wesley’s father had ridiculously high expectations of his son, and even Wesley, a certifiable genius, couldn’t satisfy him. Wesley often feels as though he isn’t good enough, and is always trying to do better – willing to do whatever it takes to do it. He’s a great leader, but he’s not idealistic. In his words, “You try not to get anybody killed, you wind up getting everyone killed.” 

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