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About Him

Grew Up... in Compton. When Wesley was 15, his parents moved to the more affluent neighborhood of Glendale. Wesley thrived there, particularly on the football team. Yet he sometimes still felt torn between his old community and his new one.

Living... through the literal apocalypse. Wesley was playing in a major homecoming football game when a nuclear bioweapon exploded over Glendale. It transformed adults into zombie-like creatures called “ghoulies” and left the world a wasteland overrun by teenagers.

Profession... high school football player turned pacifist samurai. Like most his fellow jocks, Wesley was a bully at Glendale High. Now he’s trying to forge a new kind of life in the apocalypse.

Interests... kung-fu cinema, the Wu-Tang Clan, samurai culture, and collecting the perfect strain of weed for every occasion.

Relationship Status... it’s complicated. Before the apocalypse, openly gay Wesley was secretly dating his football teammate Turbo Pokaski. In their new world, however, Turbo has refashioned himself as a murderous cabal leader named Turbo Bro Jock. Though Wesley has had a change of heart about violence and bullying, he can’t quite let go of his feelings for Turbo.

Challenge... atoning for his past mistakes. After parting ways with the jocks, Wesley refashioned himself as a pacifist samurai who lives by the Bushido Code. He seeks to atone for his crimes and find enlightenment by guiding lost spirits through the wasteland. He specifically turns his eye towards loner Josh Wheeler and 10-year-old pyromaniac Angelica Green, who both seem like they could use some help. As he tells Josh, “Your skills, Angelica’s brains, my swords? Ain’t nothing we can’t do together.” Unfortunately, letting go of the past isn’t always as easy as Welsey wants it to be.

Personality... pragmatic, laidback, selfless, and secretly tortured. Wesley tends to be calm and practical, even in tense situations. (His expansive collection of weed helps in that department.) His moral code gives him a higher sense of purpose, although he still maintains his sarcastic sense of humor too. But despite his calm and confident exterior, Wesley has hidden inner struggles about the right way to live in a complicated world. Above all, he always strives to do more good than harm, especially when it comes to making the apocalypse a better place.

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