Wesley Crusher
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Wesley Crusher

Star Trek: The Next Generation

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About Him

Living... with his mom, Beverly Crusher, the medical officer on the USS Enterprise. While she practices medicine, he practices saving the day in hopes of one day being captain of a ship of his own.

Profession... brilliant student who occasionally participates in work-study programs. Right now, he's learning from the best on the Enterprise. When he’s thrust into situations where his scientific knowledge proves handy, Wesley demonstrates bravery far beyond his years.

Interests… soaking in scientific knowledge and trying his best to make it on the USS Enterprise. But while he's talented, Wesley's rookie status means he has a hard time earning the respect of Riker and Captain Picard.

Relationship Status... on-and-off. Like most teenagers, Wesley's still testing the waters of romance, so his relationships don't tend to last too long. Unlike most teenagers, though, Wesley's paramours are not your average Earth girls: one of them is even an allasomorph shapeshifter, which leads to as many problems as you might expect. 

Challenge... being taken seriously by adults and being accepted by his peers. Wesley’s intelligence means he can’t have a normal childhood, and his age means he can't be a brilliant engineer quite yet. When his ideas come up against a brilliant android or a brave Starfleet commander, they’re usually swept aside. And when he wants to hang with kids his age, his personality can be a bit too much.

Personality... bright, brave and unafraid to speak his mind. The other members of the Enterprise might see Wesley as an annoying know-it-all who needs to be told “shut up, Wesley” more often. But he really does seem to know it all. Even with his lack of respect, Wesley's smarts help the Enterprise out of many sticky situations, and as soon as he’s not a teenager, everyone will be much more open to hearing what he has to say.

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