Wes Gibbins
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Wes Gibbins

How to Get Away with Murder

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Grew up… with his single mother in the United States after emigrating from Haiti as a baby. Wes spent his childhood as the only person of color in his neighborhood, and his mother committed suicide when he was only twelve.

Living… in a cheap, run down apartment where a former law student left eerie scratches on the wall above the bed. Wes’ neighbor, Rebecca, is his complete opposite – loud, rude, and uninterested in academics – but that doesn’t stop Wes from being intrigued by her.  

Profession… law student at Middleton University, and one of the Keating Five: the group of students chosen to intern for Annalise Keating. Wes must find the time to study for torts amidst investigating Annalise’s cases, pouring over evidence, and brainstorming new legal strategies.

Relationship Status… single and feeling very alone at a new school, which is probably for the best because he’s got a lot of studying to do to prove he deserves to have been let in off the waitlist. Unfortunately, his neighbor and her loud music are quite a distraction. When it turns out Rebecca is also involved in one of Annalise’s cases, it’s hard for Wes to keep his distance from her.

Challenge… proving that he deserves to be in the Keating Five, and that he didn’t just get the job because he caught Annalise cheating on her husband. Annalise insists he got the job because he’s quick on his feet, but that doesn’t help him to garner much respect from his peers, who’ve nicknamed him “Waitlist” and “The Puppy.”

Personality… observant, decent, and loyal. Wes’s greatest strength is that he has a way of figuring out the secrets of the people around him. He might be ambitious, but no matter how dark things get at Keating & Associates, Wes always does what he thinks is right.

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