Wendy Darling

Wendy Darling

    Peter Pan
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... anxious about adulthood. Raised in London with her parents and two younger brothers, Wendy is an imaginative young girl who has known since she turned two that she had to grow up – as Wendy puts it, “two is the beginning of the end."

Visiting... Neverland, a magical, mystical land where she'll never have to worry about grown up things again. Peter Pan, a boy who comes tapping at her window one night, teaches Wendy and her brothers how to fly there, and she's more than happy to leave her old life behind.

Profession... student. But since leaving home, Peter has appointed her as a 'mother' for his band of Lost Boys, though she's only a young girl herself. Still, Wendy does well: she tucks them in at night, keeps them from eating poisoned chocolate cake, and darns their clothes with all the skill of a real mother.

Interests... telling stories. That's how Wendy first met Peter Pan: while telling her brothers a story, Peter came to her nursery window to listen. Since Peter and the other Lost Boys had never heard stories before, they find Wendy's fascinating to listen to, and she's appreciative of her keen audience.

Relationship Status... single, and probably too young for anything serious. But Wendy does enjoy spending time with Peter. And Peter seems to like her in return: not only does he enjoy the kiss Wendy "teaches" him, he also tells her one girl is better than twenty boys.

Challenge... surviving Neverland. Not only is the world full of dangerous pirates and capricious mermaids, but recently Tinkerbell, Peter's fairy companion, has started becoming jealous of Wendy's time with Peter. Wendy, however, is oblivious of Tink's hatred, and it's an ignorance that may cost Wendy her life.

Personality... responsible, caring, and dutiful – at least she was when she was at home with her family. Wendy has a wilder, more adventurous side which comes out in Neverland, but even that can't stop her from sometimes feeling homesick.  


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