Wendell White
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Wendell White

L.A. Confidential

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About Him

Grew Up… in an unhappy home. Bud’s father (everyone called Wendell “Bud”) was a drunk and beat Bud’s mom. As such, he had to grow up quickly. In his words, “When I was twelve, my old man went after my mother with a bottle. I got in the way.”

Living… in Los Angeles in the early 1950’s. Bud, a bachelor, lives alone. He doesn’t lead an unhappy life, but some things seem missing. Personal relationships, for one. Bud is clearly a loner.

Profession… LAPD officer. Bud is newly alone after the dismissal of his partner, Dick Stensland, following the Bloody Christmas scandal and its fallout. Bud isn’t happy about the loss of his partner and he blames detective Ed Exley for providing the testimony that bounced Stensland off the force. Stenslund was far from a great cop, but Bud believes in loyalty to fellow officers above all. That, and dispensing judgment – often violently – to those he feels are in need of it. When asked whether he enjoys his bare-knuckle approach, he answers simply: “When they deserve it.”

Interests… outside of his police work, Bud’s interests are simple and few. He takes personal pleasure in delivering justice, whether on or off the clock. That’s especially true for men who are violent against women, like his father had been.

Relationship Status… single. He’s taken an interest in Lynn Bracken, a high-end prostitute involved in the case he’s working.

Challenge… finding those responsible for the Nite Owl killings. Bud is prepared to look wherever the leads take him – though it might land him in trouble with some very dangerous people. Good thing Bud’s about as dangerous as anyone out there. At first Exley seems to be his polar opposite on the force, but the two men might have more in common than they think.

Personality… hot-tempered, intimidating, and no-nonsense. Bud is at heart a good man, but in Exley’s words, “his blood is always up.” He sometimes fears he isn’t very smart and is only useful as “muscle,” but he has been under-estimating himself. He is a powerful ally but a very dangerous enemy.

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