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Living... in rural Ontario, where he was born and raised. Wayne is very prideful of his origins, and you can hear them in every word he utters. It’s his upbringing that gave him his sense of civic duty, small-town innocence, and hard work ethic. He lives in a modest house by the farm and likes to keep the borders of his world small and easy to understand. This is where he thrives, and he doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon.

Profession... farmer who was born to do his trade. Most of the day Wayne sits around by his produce stand with his hick best friends. The farm was his own start-up along with his sister, Katy. They get help running the place from their buddies Dan and Daryl.

Interests... kickicking back with his friends, mostly Daryl and Dan. They get along like three peas in a pod with the occasional dust-up between them. He loves his dogs Gus and Stormy and likes nothing more than having one of those puppers in his lap.

Relationship status... still searching. So far, Wayne’s gotten into wrong relationship after wrong relationship. First there was Angie (who’s got a new beau), then Tanis. Unfortunately, Tanis became pregnant with Wayne’s kid, which was complicated even more by the fact that Wayne was seeing Rosie. He was in a long distance relationship with Marie-Fred for a while, but that only lead to more heartbreak. Will Wayne ever meet the queen he deserves?

Challenge... whoever steps to him next. He doesn’t like to be told the right way to do things, particularly when the subject is sacred, like making a steak. Wayne also has to look out for Katy and protect her from creeps with bad intentions. Katy doesn’t help things with her inappropriate choice of clothing. Every so often Wayne has to tell her to clean up her act a bit. She never does.

Personality... tough. He’s always up for a fight, but only in self-defense. Wayne doesn’t go looking for trouble, but like any true badass, trouble seems to find him wherever he goes. He’s a loyal friend and brother. He’s got a stiff personality and he doesn’t take much malarkey from anybody. To him, a man’s got to do the right thing no matter what, even if that means slugging another guy in the chops. He can’t stand the hockey players, but he’ll step up and defend them if some dirtbags want to step to them the wrong way.

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