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Wayne Campbell

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Grew Up… alongside his lifelong best friend, Garth. The two of them were like peas-in-a-pod as children. Little did they know, their bond would be strong enough to glue them together for decades to come.

Living… the dream. Wayne and Garth host their very own cable access show titled “Wayne’s World,” where they discuss pop culture, current affairs, and – best of all – rock ‘n roll. They are offered a deal from big-time producer Benjamin Kane to bring their show to a wider audience. They quickly accept the deal, hoping that their newfound partner is an honorable man of his word. And why wouldn't he be?

Profession… co-host of “Wayne’s World.” Wayne has already “made it” in his eyes. He’s the unquestioned star of his own show, and if that wasn’t enough, the show is even named after him. It couldn’t get much better than that. Wayne will continue to “party on” with his trusty sidekick Garth until they take their last breath.

Interests… rock ‘n roll, especially Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” If Wayne is ever fortunate enough to meet famous rock stars, or anyone remotely close, he and Garth throw themselves at their feet, bowing and chanting, “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

Relationship Status… single, but working on it. One night, Wayne sees Cassandra Wong perform in her band Crucial Taunt, and falls hard for her. Wayne even goes so far as to learn Cantonese to impress Cassandra. Even more astonishing is that his plan actually seems to be working.

Challenge… navigating the cutthroat television industry while keeping the original dream of “Wayne’s World” alive. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize the dangers in the world of one-minute meetings and fast-talking producers. But Wayne is too focused on making the best possible show to notice when something smells a little fishy...

Personality… party-loving and “cool” in that innocent ‘90s way. Wayne’s whole vibe takes irreverence to the next level. With little concern for “normal” etiquette, Wayne’s table manners are about as good as his knowledge of the entertainment industry, and he rarely wears anything but jeans, a black T-shirt and a baseball cap no matter the setting. But that never stops him from being anything other than “excellent.” Wayne remains true to himself at all times, and that’s the key to his charm.

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