Wavey Prowse
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Wavey Prowse

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About Her

Grew Up… in Newfoundland. She’s a true Killick-Claw local and is used to life in the remote, small town – though not all of her experiences have been pleasant there.

Living… with her young boy, Herry. Complications during Herry’s birth left him disabled and slower than the other children. After losing her husband years ago, Wavey’s son is her main priority in life.

Profession… caretaker at the local nursery school. Wavey has a lax, fun-loving approach to minding the children. She doesn’t mind letting children play freely, and doesn’t interfere very often. A new student’s father, Quoyle, remarks on this while making his first introduction: “Somebody really ought to be supervising them, don't you think?” “Yeah,” Wavey says. “Better get back to work. … I’m Wavey Prowse. I run the place.”

Interests… Newfoundland. Wavey is a Newfoundlander at heart. She likes the food, the people, and the land. She especially enjoys likes going on long walks with her son, Herry.

Relationship Status… widowed. Wavey seems happy enough raising her son alone, and isn’t overwhelmed by the task. Yet she does seem lonely. Her friendship with Quoyle, himself a single parent, seems more than platonic.

Challenge… overcoming the loss of her husband and allowing herself to love again.

Personality… helpful, thoughtful, and above all loving. Wavey is tall and quiet. Funnily enough, the first thing Quoyle notices is her posture. On a deeper level, Wavey is a kind, strong woman, capable of great care and love.

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