Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as Mario’s evil twin.  Ever since they were babies, Wario has been the greedy evil counterpart to lovable Mushroom Kingdom hero Mario. But usually he’s just a thorn in Mario’s side rather than a full-fledged nemesis.

Living... in Diamond City. Wario handles most of his business in Diamond City, a metropolis that he claims would be nothing without him. The city is also home to other colorful characters like ninja preschoolers, witches, and canine taxi drivers.

Profession... game designer. Realizing that gaming is the way of the future, Wario hired his friends to make video games for him. However, Wario doesn’t care if his products are fun or even if they make sense. He just wants to churn them out as quickly and cheaply as possible, using whatever the latest gimmicks are, to make as much cash as he can. 

Interests… garlic. It’s Wario’s favorite food. That’s why his breath is always so bad. Some say he eats entire cloves of it every day. He’s also a motorcycle enthusiast.

Relationship Status... single. Wario is certainly interested in women, as seen through his interactions with the voluptuous pirate Captain Syrup, but his crude demeanor is a pretty big turn-off. He is close with his brother Waluigi, though.

Challenge... making as much money as possible. All of Wario’s schemes, whether it’s game-making or exploring lost treasure tombs, are for grabbing as much loot as possible. As he says, “I’m-a Wario! I’m-a gonna win!”                  

Personality... gross. Wario is just a repulsive dude. He picks his nose, he smells awful, and he only cares about money and himself. He’s everything bad that Mario isn’t.


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