Wang Lung
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Wang Lung

The Good Earth

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About Him

Overview... a poor peasant in a changing China. Wang Lung's life is hardly a picnic. From rebellions to diseases to famines that leave his family begging on the streets, late-Qing China is not a great place to be. Still, Wang's tenacious, and despite his struggles, he's determined to eke out a living for himself and his wife, O-Lan.

Personality... hard-working and highly ambitious, though naive. Despite being a mere country bumpkin, Wang has high hopes for his life. He wants to be rich and respected, and he'll be damned if he'll let any natural disasters stand in the way of that. Still, while Wang Lung's pride and stubbornness help him towards success, those same qualities make him dangerously susceptible to the temptations of wealth.

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